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2023 Over-50s World Cup by the numbers

The 2023 Over-50s Cricket World Cup has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take some time to reflect on a brilliant two weeks in Cape Town.

Here are some of the numbers you may have missed from the tournament…

0 - There were no hat-tricks at the tournament, but we did get close on a number of occasions.

2.46 - The best bowling economy at the 2023 World Cup, achieved by Sri Lanka’s Ruven Peiris across eight matches and 41 overs. He bowled 172 dot balls out of 246 deliveries.

5 - The number of five-wicket hauls during the two weeks. Iqbal Khan, Pawan Malik (both India), Roy Emmott (Wales), Damian Meek (Australia) and Saleem Mukkudem (South Africa) achieved the feat.

11 - The number of hundreds scored during this World Cup. Only one player, former Zimbabwean Test star Murray Goodwin, managed two centuries.

16 - Muhammad Jaffer Qureshi finished as the tournament’s leading wicket-taker with 16 scalps. That is two better than Himanshu Patadia, Zubair Hussain (both USA) and Suwanji Madanayake (Sri Lanka).

61 - The number of run outs. Whether that is due to the increased level of fielding or batsmen not being quite as fast anymore is up for debate!

75 - The number of half-centuries scored (excluding hundreds). Three players - Naseer Ahmed (pictured, England), Brandon Nash (South Africa) and Stuart Carlisle (Zimbabwe) - got four each.

107 - Ducks scored. Bottom side Namibia contributed 13 of those.

122 - The highest individual score, achieved by Murray Goodwin in a brilliant run chase against Sri Lanka at Rylands Cricket Club. England’s Giles Ecclestone came close with 120 in the final against South Africa at Newlands.

242 - Players used during the 2023 World Cup.

249 - Sixes hit in the two weeks. England’s Richard Trotman led the way with 10. Interestingly, South Africa’s Morné Cillers got eight, which counted for more than half the runs scored. There were a further 1 426 fours hit.

355 - Catches taken in the tournament. Fortunately for some, there is no record for dropped catches.

377 - The number of runs for top scorer Murray Goodwin. Two Englishman, Naseer Ahmed (364) and Giles Eccelstone (322), were second and third.

729 - Wickets taken across the matches.

16 983 - Runs scored during the tournament, broken down as follows: England (1 731), New Zealand (1 726), South Africa (1 574), West Indies (1 558), Wales (1 546), Australia (1 543), Zimbabwe (1 399), Pakistan (1 341), Sri Lanka (1 321), USA (1 243), India (1 221), Canada (1 214), UAE (1 050 - one innings less), Namibia (757)

25 060 - Deliveries bowled. On the plus side, we had 368 maidens. On the downside, 1 147 wides and 76 no-balls were bowled.

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