Allan Donald gets post Over-50s World Cup assignment

Legendary South African fast bowler Allan Donald will take over as head coach of the Knights franchise from May 1.

The 53-year-old has previous coaching experience, having been the bowling coach for England (2007), New Zealand (2011), South Africa (2013) and Sri Lanka (2017).

Next month he will serve as head coach of the South African team at the Over-50s World Cup; a tournament he was set to play in but for injury.

“It all began as a little boy in Bloemfontein many moons ago,” Donald said. “That's where I went to school and learnt my game; I met a lot of influential people that showed me the right way and coming back now in the capacity where I can help a team move forward is something very exciting for me.

“I have wanted to do this coaching position for a long time and I look forward to this challenge. It is a big challenge. We have not had the best of seasons in the past years in terms of consistency and winning games, and most of all winning trophies.

“It is a young team and there are a lot of good young players around, not just in the Knights squad, there’s some good talent in the two senior provincial squads as well.”

Donald was the most feared bowlers of his generation, taking more than 300 wickets in his 72 Tests. He was inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame last year.

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