Save Our Rhinos Foundation

Save Our Rhinos is the brainchild of Amdec Group Chairman John Wilson, a keen wildlife photographer and conservationist.

The initiative’s aim is to raise funds for the SANParks Honorary Rangers, a group of unpaid volunteers who give freely of their time to support wildlife conservation in South Africa’s National Parks.

The annual donations have helped SANParks in its anti-poaching efforts by enhancing the ranger’s equipment to improve their working conditions and poachers tracking performance.

Since 2015, the Amdec Group has managed to raise and donate R1.25-million to the foundation that was founded back in 2014.

The Amdec Group’s most recent donation in 2019 was used to install landing lights at the Skukuza runway to allow anti-poaching flights to take off and land at night, allowing the rangers to track poachers at any time.

In 2020 the company’s donation will be allocated to equip the rangers with specialised survival equipment. This equipment will allow the rangers to stay out in the bush tracking down poachers for longer periods of time.

For those who’d like to know more about Save Our Rhinos, please take a look at our Facebook Page or the Amdec Group website.