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Teladia, Amien, Birkenstock, Bing join SA Over-60 World Cup squad

Ismail Teladia, Kader Amien, Rudi Birkenstock and Brad Bing have been added to South Africa Over-60's squad for next year's Over-60 World Cup in India.

South Africa Over-60 World Cup squad

  1. Roy Meeser (Western Province)

  2. Trevor Poole (Titans)

  3. Ross Holing (Western Province)

  4. Paul Gouge (Dolphins)

  5. Aqeel Cupido (Boland)

  6. Peter Amm (Eastern Province)

  7. Barney de Klerk (Western Province)

  8. Vivian Chamier (Dolphins)

  9. Stuart Hendricks (Western Province)

  10. Irshadul Haq (Titans)

  11. Mark Tessendorff (Lions)

  12. Peter Martin (Western Province)

  13. Ismail Teladia (Western Province)

  14. Kader Amien (Western Province)

  15. Rudi Birkenstock (Titans)

  16. Brad Bing (Western Province)


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