UK clubs assist with #feedacricketer campaign

UK-based cricket clubs Stanmore CC and Burridge CC have answered the call of their South African cricketing brothers-in-need during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

Despite having their own challenges with the 2020 cricket league being postponed indefinitely, Stanmore CC (Middlesex League) and Burridge CC (Southern Premier & Hampshire Leagues) are providing much-needed food hampers to cricket clubs whose members are not able to provide for their families during the seven-week lockdown period.

Food is plentiful in South Africa, but because people are unable to work or have lost their jobs, they can’t afford it.

Marc and Stephanie Reingold, both South Africans, run Stanmore, and Clive Slaughter, former Chairman and patron of Burridge, both have very close ties with Cape Town Cricket Club.

Cape Town CC is the second oldest club in South Africa, having been founded in 1857, only four years after Stanmore was established.

The Reingolds and Slaughter have called on their members to support the campaign. Together, these clubs have donated over 100 hampers which have been delivered to Langa CC, Mfuleni CC and Vredenburg-Saldanha CC. Phillipi CC and Bishop Lavis CC will receive hampers this coming week.

The #feedacricketer initiative was recently launched by the Veterans Cricket Association of South Africa (VCASA). It provides a platform for cricket clubs throughout the world to support clubs and cricketers in South Africa.

VCASA has partnered with the Local is Lekker App and Cool Guys Distribution to provide the service to the local clubs.

Roger Moult, interim chairman of VCASA, says: “The service is currently available in the Western Cape, but we will soon be offering it to clubs in Gauteng. The initiative relies on cricket clubs to support each other during these challenging times.”

Moult admits that all sports and sports clubs are finding it difficult to survive in the current environment, but adds: “With the lockdown and people not working, the basic need for food and water is not available.”

Each food hamper helps to supplement the food requirements for a family for a month, and in some cases it’s all a family has for a month.

VCASA is appealing to clubs all over the world to download the Local is Lekker App (‘Lekker’ is a South African slang word meaning superb or fantastic), select a hamper and a club you wish to support, and place your order.

Cricketers in South Africa need your support.